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Leffrinckoucke 2003


Some years ago, I was an avid photographer. I have travelled the world many times over and often far from the beaten track. I became overloaded with images, images that I feel I could not do justice to unless it became a priority for me. Photography is narcissistic, like poetry, it is an attempt to show someone else your moment. Although to some extent all art is like this, for me this is especially a characteristic of poetry and photography because they cannot hope to talk about complex things, only simple things, things that the individual sees in their personal sphere. You cannot take a photo without being there anymore than you can write a poem. In an intellectualised world of politics, literature, philosophy, religion and so forth, these media are constrained by their very nature to treat one thing at a time. Of course, the reader can step back and see much more if they wish. But I have yet to read a good poem or see a good photograph that treated more than a single theme…

I'm most interested in urban night photography and macro photography of industrial textures. Here are some images are quite like.

I'm a pessimist because of


- urban

- night

- texture