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Rome 2008


There is surprisingly little poetry on the net. Is this because of copyrighting? Or perhaps because it is a dying (dead?) medium and the young net community has no interest in the matter...

Many say poetry is difficult to read. But I would argue that it is not inherently difficult to read. Instead, people so rarely stop and look around them, to see the “hic et nunc”, that the message of poetry has become obtuse. I feel that the role of poetry is to take the world of everyday the moment of no particular time and show how it is special. Stand anywhere and stop and look around you, you will see beauty if you choose to and sadness as well. That is the art of a poem, to make someone stop and see the here and now, no matter when it is and no matter where you are.

I particularly appreciate certain writers that I feel are good at this, such as A Akhmatova, C Baudelaire, A. Blok, Y Bonnefoy, A. Breton, T. S. Eliot, O. Mandelstam, S. Marllamé, B. Pasternak, S. Plath, M. Rilke, A. Rimbaud, T. Różewcz, A. Tsvétaďeva, A. Utler, although all in different ways….

With time, I wish to add to the collection of poetry available on the internet, in original and in translation. I will add well-known, out-of-copywrite, writers when their work is hard or impossible to find online and I will add links to contemporary writers when it is appropriate.

I have several published poems and others being considered. There is a link to some of my work. Comments and crits are welcome!


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