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For me politics is more than state party quarrels or geopolitical maneuvering, politics represents (or should represent) people trying to work out how to improve the world. My political alignment is the usual red green mix of the modern educated classes. I may get a little bib and brace at times because of my deep dark prole origins, but I will try not to clutter the Internet with my own political views.

More or less, I believe that Critical Thought and a combination of regional – global governance represent the best chance for a social, yet economically - environmentally realistic, future for our little planet and its selfish squabbling tenets…

Critical Theory and Neo-Gramscianism

Despite their champagne socialist discourse, I believe that something in-between Constructivist Critical Theory and Positivist Neo-Gramscianism represents a powerful, clear and subtle neo-Marxist dialectic, permiting a reasonable understanding of contemporary issues, from prole drift through to geo-politics.

Unfortunately, in this world of NeoCon Realpolitik and their deft control of the mass media, such ideas are outside the norm. In a simple attempt to counter this blinding hegemony and its never-ending blitz of prole feed, I include here links to important newspapers that actually try to give an unbiased picture of the world as well as links to information sites on the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, and Neo-Gramscianism.

In inner-party politics, these methods

propaganda –

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